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2015 Home Decor Color Trends + Giveaway!

Abigail Ahern knows color. Working as a designer in London, Abigail is a major influencer in Europe’s design circles. We love her unapologetic color (or as she would say, colour) interpretations, and are feeling especially fond of her esthetic as we step into fall. Also, her new home decor book Color: Transform Your Home just came out in the US, and it’s absolutely fabulous!



Pantone has come out with the top 20 fall colors, and we think Abigail would agree with our top 3 favorites. We love these colors because they can be mixed together to evoke opulence and luxury that’s full of rich enchantment, or incorporated into completely different color schemes to quickly freshen up your home’s decor.


Reflecting Pond

“Don’t shy away from the moodiness of this dark palette… Why? Because anything you put against these bottom-of-the-lake greens, browns, grays, and blacks looks and feels grander and edgier than it truly is…You need to embrace shadows and let corners blur into darkness to give your space plenty of mystery.”


Make the trend yours: Moody portrait $125


Oak Buff 

“Color can uplift, invigorate, soothe, intrigue…Basically it’s a mood changer. I think that any space can take any color. It’s what you do with it and how you use it that will make a scheme successful or not.”


Make the trend yours: Shimmery Enamel plate $28



Dried Herb

“I like how shades I have never loved or used, had previously overlooked or dismissed…are entering my life. I like how they are making me think differently. The truth is, the more color risks you take, the more intriguing your space will look.”


Make the trend yours: Saarinen Executive armchair $595


It’s Giveaway Time! 

Like we said, Abigail’s new book is mesmerizing! You have to check it out.

Want to win it? It’s simple! All you have to do is leave a comment telling us which color you’re most feeling this fall. Extra entry to anyone who follows us on Instagram @pastvintage and comments on a photo that has a color they adore!


*Note: Not all images in collages above are from Abigail’s book. We couldn’t give too much away now could we?

CB2 vs PAST: A Fall Trend Showdown

Wow, CB2—Crate and Barrel’s modern younger brother—has been killing it lately. Their fall lookbooks have been full of vintage-inspired eye candy, and we think they do a superb job of blending timeless mid-century modern silhouettes with the marbles, metals and leathers that are currently trending. Indeed, this season is about clever storage, geometric displays and small luxe objects that pack a punch, and CB2 is rocking it all. New vs. original vintage debate aside, we personally adore CB2 and fell in love with these dark charcoal mod knobs during our back wall renovation (coming soon!).


CB2 positions itself as affordable modern, but we must admit, some of our prices have them beat. Here are some products that are sure to give you that feel-good sensation of shopping local, while still keeping your house fresh and on-trend for less!

1. CB2 stainless steel mug—$9.95  each// PAST vintage shop geometric stainless steel cream and sugar—$6 each

2. CB2 40 pc. brass flatware—$160// PAST vintage shop 50 pc brass flatware—$115

3. CB2 2 Story holder—$89.95// PAST vintage shop small mid-century modern storage—$17

4. CB2 tall candle holders—$99.95 each// PAST vintage shop modern candelabra—$99

5. CB2 candy dish—$19.95// PAST vintage shop candy dish—$16

6. CB2 brass boat—NFS// PAST vintage shop brass boat (exact match!)—$19

7. CB2 space-saving sofa buddy—$299// PAST vintage shop space-saving sofa buddy—$25

Which of these fall CB2 lookbook trends are you loving most? Let us know!