CB2 Vs. PAST: Mid-century Modern Showdown
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CB2 vs PAST: A Fall Trend Showdown

Wow, CB2—Crate and Barrel’s modern younger brother—has been killing it lately. Their fall lookbooks have been full of vintage-inspired eye candy, and we think they do a superb job of blending timeless mid-century modern silhouettes with the marbles, metals and leathers that are currently trending. Indeed, this season is about clever storage, geometric displays and small luxe objects that pack a punch, and CB2 is rocking it all. New vs. original vintage debate aside, we personally adore CB2 and fell in love with these dark charcoal mod knobs during our back wall renovation (coming soon!).


CB2 positions itself as affordable modern, but we must admit, some of our prices have them beat. Here are some products that are sure to give you that feel-good sensation of shopping local, while still keeping your house fresh and on-trend for less!

1. CB2 stainless steel mug—$9.95  each// PAST vintage shop geometric stainless steel cream and sugar—$6 each

2. CB2 40 pc. brass flatware—$160// PAST vintage shop 50 pc brass flatware—$115

3. CB2 2 Story holder—$89.95// PAST vintage shop small mid-century modern storage—$17

4. CB2 tall candle holders—$99.95 each// PAST vintage shop modern candelabra—$99

5. CB2 candy dish—$19.95// PAST vintage shop candy dish—$16

6. CB2 brass boat—NFS// PAST vintage shop brass boat (exact match!)—$19

7. CB2 space-saving sofa buddy—$299// PAST vintage shop space-saving sofa buddy—$25

Which of these fall CB2 lookbook trends are you loving most? Let us know!


Erica Tiffany
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