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Who says you can’t live in the past?


Meet PAST: the brainchild of four co-owners who merged their backgrounds in graphic design, photography, journalism and business management to create the vintage furniture and home decor shop they always dreamed of. Our aim is to not only show you how to incorporate vintage styles into your home, but also make it affordable to do so. Our team’s relentless quest to find the finest pieces from the past ensures you’ll have the most beautiful present.


Get ready to create your PAST life

Greg Farr

Owner of Antique Plaza for the past 23 years, Greg has dedicated his life to caring for items from the past and making everyone smile with subpar jokes. Greg has extensive knowledge of anything antique, and also serves as the Treasurer of the VSADA. You can often find Greg grilling out on holidays at the shop or playing in poker tournaments in Vegas.


Likes—Crab legs, Casablanca, gardening

Dislikes—White dishes, victorian furniture, long-sleeve dress shirts

Collects—Mid-century modern chairs, art pottery, Arcosanti bells

Beth Jenkins

After graduating from ASU with a degree in photography, Beth taught elementary education for two years, backpacked around Europe, and then planted roots at a children’s museum, where she oversees the art studio and creates education yet enjoyable lessons for thousands of visitors each week. Beth heads up PAST’s relationship management, offering a resourceful eye for capturing the brand’s best angle and ensuring each and every customer receives a quality experience. When not at work, Beth is continuously dreaming about the next location to explore from the comfort of her downtown residence shared with her cat, Luna, with a glass of red wine.


Likes—’Reading’ (listening to) audiobooks, banana milkshakes, finding lucky pennies

Dislikes—Hot dogs, sponges, large spiders

Collects—Pencils. Yes, pencils.

Erica Tiffany

An alumna of ASU’s Walter Cronkite School of Journalism, Erica has made a career out of telling brand’s stories to the world. She currently works in digital communications strategy at a Scottsdale marketing agency. Erica maintains a strong focus on PAST’s branding, merchandising aesthetic and creative editorial direction. When she’s not working, she’s almost always spending time catching up on some ZZZ’s with her dog Chase.


Likes—Sputnik chandeliers, betting on episodes of The Bachelor, well-written text

Dislikes—Movie theater seat kickers, parking in between the lines, working at PAST without food present

Collects—Vintage lamps, Nambe

Kat Randall

Kat is also a Sun Devil, and a proud graduate of the Visual Communication Program. Kat has designed for various companies and clients, and currently works at an Arizona-based health and wellness company. Solving problems through innovative thinking and distinguished vision, Kat oversees the creative direction of PAST’s many projects, ensuring complete brand cohesion from start to finish. When she isn’t covered in saw dust from one of her many projects, Kat loves taking her corgis on walks with her hubs and staying involved with her local church.


Likes—Homemade espresso drinks, thoughtful typography, yoga pants

Dislikes—Dark soda, chalk paint, PC computers

Collects—Vintage dog art, brass animals, anything aqua

Our story is a lot like Charlie’s Angels.


Plot of the 1970s classic TV show Charlie’s Angels, in case you need a refresher: A trio of elite private investigators armed with the latest in high-tech tools, high-performance vehicles, martial arts techniques and an array of disguises unleash their state-of-the-art skills on land, sea and air to track down a kidnapped billionaire-to-be and keep his top-secret voice-identification software out of lethal hands. They’re beautiful, they’re brilliant, and they work for Charlie.


Yep, exactly like Charlie’s Angels. Except we aren’t elite private investigators, we can’t show you any martial arts techniques and we don’t know anything about top-secret voice-identification software. We’re just 3 best friends/business partners and a Charlie who goes by the name of Greg, still living in the ‘70s (and oftentimes the ‘50s and ‘60s, too).


So how did we come to be? Let’s take it all the way back to 2004. We were young students looking for some after-school cash. We began working at Antique Plaza, and quickly became friends with the owner, Greg (Charlie). He shared his insane amount of subject-matter knowledge with us—with a 10-cent raise every time we actually listened and learned something—while we livened up the antiquated atmosphere of the shop with made up events like Fryday Friday (where we’d simply drop different food items in a mini deep fryer every Friday), building life-size coffins just to win the Halloween Main St. window display contest, and helping Greg out when he got into any sort of sticky situation (remember when he fell into someone’s pool moving a canoe at a yard sale?).


Years passed, yada yada, and we all grew up, got jobs and quickly found ourselves living in the “real world.” Well, you know what the real world does to you? It makes your lifelong running-a-mid-century-modern-boutique-with-your-best-friends dream more alluring than ever. In 2015, we all agreed—now is better than never, and who knows when we’d start if we continued to wait for the perfect time. The future will soon turn into the past, so here we go, creating our PAST life!